Prologue: Second Chances

Very few people get a second chance at life, and I feel very fortunate. The last six months had nearly killed me in many ways, but now that the doctors had all but written in stone that I would be okay, I felt content to continue with my life again.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, I had thought my life was over. I knew for a fact that most people with cancer in the brain were only given a few months to a year to live, and although I was terrified, the surgery went well and the chemotherapy worked perfectly.

My mother had never once called or visited, but I assumed my beloved Grandmother kept her in the loop. My mother paid for all my medical bills—it was the very least she could do. Regardless, I had good people around me. My grandmother doted on me, spending as much time with me in the hospital as she could possibly manage, putting me ahead of everything else.

But the most important person in my life was Taylor. I didn’t doubt for a moment that I wouldn’t have made it through the last six months if it weren’t for Taylor being there for me whenever he could. He continued going to school as usual, and visited me in the evenings; no matter how sick from Chemo I actually was. He showered me with flowers and constant reminders that he was there, he loved me, and he wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

I had managed to somehow keep my school work caught up. I finished the first semester with honors ad managed halfway through the second semester until I was medically cleared to go back to school.

My first day of school was the day after spring break. Taylor had spent his vacation with me, as he did with much of his spare time. And though I thought that me being sick would push us further apart, the fact that he was willing to be with me and hold my hand even as I was throwing up everywhere made me love him more.

I was on the road to recovery, and even though I didn’t feel quite myself, I felt well enough to start over.

And so, pale as a ghost and skinny as a rake, I prepared myself to venture back into the world outside the hospital, feeling like I had dodged a bullet and with Taylor there to hold my hand.